Real Men Do Back Deeps Naked! [nsfw]

Well, it’s official. The UW-Madison Water Ski Team can do more than just the traditional 3-event skiing… they know how to barefoot too! This video features some pretty good footing in your typical wetsuits, some very brightly colored wetsuits, some drysuits, a speedo (unfourtunately) and cowboy boots, and even  some not so bright people that don’t realize the importance of a wetsuit. Granted, there isn’t anything major and they’ve done their best to pixelate out some parts, but you probably don’t want to have this up on your screen at work. You’ve been warned.

The video also features a classic water skiing song that I previously mentioned on this site.

Invasion of the Barefooting Mutants

Yes, this was stolen of the Creaky Rowboat site, but we serve different portions of the skiing world.

Also, I know I’ve been a bit absent lately. With the end of summer, the end of fall, and the boat being winterized, I’ve been a bit depressed. But I did get a dose of skiing in just this past weekend at Project Snowflake (that’d be me in the 3-high pyramid on the right side). I’ve a got a few other story ideas for the upcoming weeks that have been cluttering up my bookmarks toolbar and inbox, so stay tuned.