What is Tales from the Foot?

Hello and welcome to Tales from the Foot, a website that is dedicated to barefoot water skiing. It is dedicated to all aspects of barefooting, everything from personal stories submitted by readers about their own experiences, to news and announcements about tournaments. This site’s goal is to become the destination for news and information about barefooting.

This site will need your help to succeed. It’ll need everyone’s help to make it successful. We’ll be looking to you, our community to help make this site the best site on the internet for barefooting. There will be articles about how to barefoot and how to teach people to barefoot, videos of new tricks and videos of crashes, a comprehensive calender of all kinds of barefooting events and coverage of those events.

What do I need from you, the reader you might be asking? To start with, right now this site is a solo operation and this is being done because of my love of the sport. If you have an event that you want on the calender, send me the details. The events can be anything… everything from your club is hosting a small figure 8 tournament to Footstock. If it is barefooting, send the details. Want to announce an event, I can help with that too. I’ll also be looking for follow up on the events. Who won, how it went and how much fun did people have? If you attend an event, send me an update on how it went. I’ll work to get results up as soon as I know about them.

Finally, this site wants reader content. If you have a good video to share, a good picture, or a good story to share, send ’em in as well. The video can be of anything barefooting related and the stories can be of anything as well. You can relate how you learned to foot, your first tournament experience, or how you hit the log one day while footing and came up seeing stars.

A couple small requests… keep things clean and respectful. There is now a forum setup and I want the discussions to stay on topic. Kids of all ages barefoot, everyone from 4 to whatever, so when you’re submitting your stories, keep it fairly clean.

Want to know a bit more about me, your host? Just go check out my personal blog titled “Water on the Brain”. You can find it at bfooter.com.

Thanks for stopping by, and once again, welcome to Tales from the Foot.

wedge [at] talesfromthefoot [dot] com

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