New Look, Same Great Content

Hey  Everyone, I’ve been doing some site updates around here the last few days. You may have noticed a little different look to the site. Everything is still here, it just looks a little different and may keep changing as I work on the layout I want.

Anywho, one of the changes involves a new banner image across the top of the site. The current image features me on one of my epically bad attempts at a tumble turn from a few years back. Yes, that is suppose to be a tumble turn. Don’t even ask why I’m not on my back, or why it looks like I may be trying to break dance… poorly. As I said, it was epically bad. Makes for a good picture though. I’ve got some others too.

Here are some other great pictures of epically bad tumble attempts…

Finally, I’m glad you’re still reading. Do you have a funny picture related to the sport of barefooting? Or a spectacular wipeout caught on film*. Send it my way with a paragraph describing why it should be plastered across the top of this site and it may just end up there. Send it to wedge[at]talesfromthefoot[dot]com with a subject of TFTF Header. Just keep in mind that the header is typically a very wide picture that isn’t very tall, so I may have to creatively crop it to get it to work up there.

*Film being the digital 1’s and 0’s that capture the images today.

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