2010 Barefoot Figure-8 Series

Chris Mcwatters, along with some others, have organized a Figure-8 Barefoot Series that encompasses several popular figure-8 tournaments that take place throughout the country this year. The goal of the series is to encourage footers to compete at more of the tournmanets with a point system to determine the footer of the year. Results will only be taken from each footer’s 3 best tournaments, so if you miss one, or just face plant one, you’ll still be in the running for footer of the year.

The four figure-8 tournaments in the 2010 Series are:

  1. Footapalooza in La Porte, Indiana on June 12-13 (visit barefootski dot com for more details)
  2. Glen Meuller Annual Figure-8 Barefoot Tournament at Lake St Louis on July 24-25
  3. Clean Lakes Festival Barefoot Challenge in Madison, WI on August 28 (visit the Clean Lakes Festival website for more details)
  4. WBC Barefoot Figure-8 Championship in Winter Haven, FL on Oct 16 (visit the WBC for more details)

For more details about the series, be sure to check out the Facebook Group, the flyer for the series and  the rules and regulations. Also be sure to watch barefootski dot com for more announcements on the series.

Finally, some of the event websites are in the process of being updated. If they look out of date or just don’t have much in the way of info yet, just check back later for updated information.

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