Building a Barefoot Calendar

Do you have a barefooting event coming up this spring, summer, fall or even winter? Any type of barefoot event (figure-8, 3-event, race, freestyle, clinic, really anything.) If so, shoot me an email at and I’ll get it added to the calendar here on Tales from the Foot. Be sure to include some details about when, where and who to contact for more details. I can even add a full post about your event if you send in enough details about it. If you want a page on the site (ie to use as the events official website, I can help with that too (all I ask is you provide some follow up on what happens at the event for a story with some pictures and/or video).

Not planning an event, but looking for one to go? Be sure to look at the calendar here. There’s already lots of events in store for 2010. Based on my scouring of the internet, so far on the calendar we have the Blue Moo Chickfest, Wisconsin Open, Midwest Regionals, Barefoot Nationals, Manitowish Waters Midwest Open, World Barefoot Championships, Footstock, Clean Lakes Barefoot Challenge, Faceplant Fest and Project Snowflake.

Still waiting to here when or if there will be a Best Dam Barefoot Race (I need to make some calls), when the Dam to Dam Race will be (sometime in November), when the big St Louis Figure-8 and Race will be, and any other events that might be occurring somewhere this year.

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