Where are my Cheez-Its?

While the CRB and Lake of Sin feud over an old cooler (that's gotta be just about empty by now since no one refills it), a paddle and a Lappy, I'm looking for my Cheez-Its so I can watch 24? I'm not sure who's going to star in 24 now that Nola has taken out Jake Baurer (still not completely sure how that happened?) Personally, I'm hoping Jack's daughter somehow saves him without getting kidnapped.

Personally, I think the CRB just needs to give up their quest and buy themselves a new cooler… maybe something like this…

I personally don't think that will hold enough "beverages" for the CRB'ers though. (I do think it'll fit there style perfectly)  They might need something a little bigger like this…

But even that might not be big enough… This one might actually be able to satisfy their thirst…
That cooler doesn't have beer in it, but it might just be big enough to handle the beer needs of the CRB crew.
Meanwhile, I'll continue to look for a new source of Cheez-Its since CRB and the Lake of Sin have purchasing all of them for the nefarious needs.  I'll offer up my casa to Nola if she wants to lay low for a while.

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