New Years Day Barefooting 2009

The Carolina Show Ski Team organized a little barefooting challenge this past January 1st.  The challenge? 46 degrees out of the water and 44 degrees in the water.  Believe me, both of those add up to it is very, very cold.  It’s no Winter Waterland with snow in the air and ice in the water, but yeah, it’s cold.

After looking at their website, it looks like they actually did try to keep scores with the time they stayed up on the water and how many tricks they did to come up with winners, but I contend the real challenge is just getting in the water.  Yes, it’s mind over matter, and you can convince yourself to get in, but matter is something you study in physics, and the physics of a person at 98.6 degrees getting into the 44 degree water means the heat is going to get sucked right out.  Then you need to add in the wind chill factor.  Your face is wet with very cold water and then you start going at speeds in excess of 40 MPH, which means a 40 MPH windchill.  It all adds up to being very cold.

Anyways, they put together a nice little video to commorate the event.  So without further ado, here it is…

2009 New Years Day Barefoot Challenge

I’m not sure if this was a team only event, or if they opened it up to all skiers, but hopefully, they’ll spread the word a bit more next year.  

Anytime anyone has a barefoot event, please send me the details at wedge [at]  I’m more than happy to spread the word to my many readers.  Just about all of them love to barefoot.

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