Winter Water Skiing Just Looks Cold

Adrienne sent in that there was some winter water skiing and barefooting taking place just yesterday, February 1st and sent a long a link to the pictures, which I’ll share.  Why are they doing this you wonder?  Well the local news crew was interested…

The backstory is Kare11 did a segment on winter activities- Eric Perkins “perk at play” took a stab at waterskiing in the winter. I’m not sure anything I took part in will make the air 😦 since we tried to build a pyramid and I fell twice (brrr), but it should be a fun segment. I think it airs Tuesday at 10- might be able to find it online. The video should have some good footage. There is a hard core group in MN that regularly foots year round, including a New Years day outing.
  – Adrienne 

Anyways, here the pictures…

Most people that pull up to the lake and see this, don’t think about going in the water.  But as you can see, they are already splashing around in the water while the rest picnic on the shore ice.

The Scene

Next, before they went skiing, the needed to clear the dock.  Usually this involves sweeping off whatever that stuff is that the sea gulls, docks or geese leave behind.  But they didn’t need to worry about that nasty stuff. They just had to get rid of some snow, so they bust out the snow blower…


Next, they launched the boat and pulled up to the dock to load the barefooters spotters suckers into the boat. The driver’s face is just going to freeze when the start moving.  40 MPH wind chill is cold.  Don’t believe me? Next time it dips down below freezing, just roll down your window while you’re cruising down the highway.  It gets pretty cold pretty quick.  Next, stick your hand out the window without a glove on as you move.  Now it’s really cold.  If you’re really brave, dunk your hand in water so it’s soaking yet and then stick it out the window and you’ll get a tiny little taste of what it’s like behind the boat when your cold, wet and moving very fast.  On days like this, the drivers just don’t get enough credit.


They finally did do something in the water though.  Here’s a good shot of some barefooting.




This is really cold.  But its really fun too!  Plus you get to brag to all your friends.
Thanks to Adrienne for sending in the picturs.  If you want to see the rest of them, here’s the link to the album.

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