Footstock 2008

Footstock 2008

It’s that time of year again… the folks in Crandon, WI are putting together THE FIGURE-8 TOURNAMENT of the year.  The competition is always fast and furious.  They’ll be big names in the barefooting world showing up to compete that fall on their face and no names that surprise the hell out of everyone.  They’ll be guys wearing the pinks shirts to let people know who they lost to.  The boys from South Africa will be there trying to show they got some endurance skills to go with their mad trick skills.

This year MasterCraft and Redline have teamed up to pull FootStock 2008 with a revved up engine with over 400hp!  Redline will also be offering test pulls behind the 400hp 214 for all participants of Footstock. People can schedule the appointment with Brian at Redline by phone or email. His email is or call 608-838-0838. More details, click here.

Want some more details, go check out these links:
Official Footstock 2008 Site
Entry Form

You can also look around to see if you can find more details.

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