Flying Back Tumble to One

Hearing that I thought “what the hell is that going to be?”

A slightly better description would be “drag on your stomach, head first in a superman position, then spin on your belly into a back deep position, then stand up one foot only.”

Still confused?  Then just watch the video…

Flying Back Tumble to One

Next on the video play list is video showing the worst possible place to face plant while barefooting…

Not a good spot for a face plant

40+ MPH heading towards a jump, you’d think the guy does everything in his power to not fall.

Finally, for those of us who think we’re good footers, here’s a kid whose probably better than us.  And he’s 5 in the first video, throwing down tumble turns like nothing.

I’m only 5!

Think it’s a fluke?  Here’s Brody a year later…

Are you better than a 6-year old?

Hopefully that drives you to work on your footing skills so you can say you’re better than a 6-year old.

Props to The Rowboat for finding these gems… Personally, I think the guys over there have too much time on there hands.  All they do is search YouTube.

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