10 Best Places to Ski and Live… Redux

Although I like the fact that Madison, WI was named one of the 10 best places to ski and live, I really didn’t care for the article. Instead of just complaining about it, I’m taking action. I’m going to write my own version of the article. Here goes…

People in Madison, WI love their Packers and Badgers. The city, situated amongst Lake Monona, Mendota and Wingra also has people that love their lakes. Everyone enjoys the lakes, from the Union Terrace situated on Mendota to listen to live music in the summer or attending a wedding reception at the Monona Terrace situated literally on top of Lake Monona, people love the lakes. But people do more than just things around the lakes, they do stuff on the lakes. In the winter, while they’re frozen, you can find a multitude of ice fisherman on the lakes. But once they finally thaw, you can find even more people enjoying the lakes. The lakes are known for their great fishing and also sport both UW Rowing Team and many rowing clubs. There are also avid sailing clubs. Amongst all this activity, you can also find 3-eventers, wakeboarders, barefooters, show skiers and weekend warriors on the lakes. Madison is home to the Mad-City Ski Team, winner of 3 of the past 4 national championships, and the UW-Ski Team, a collegiate team that has competed well at the national level, despite only a month or so on the water in the spring and fall. To support all of the avid skiers, the city has boat dealers for both Mastercrafts and Nautiques. The lakes are facing their challenges though. The Mad-City Ski Team is helping to lead the charge and sponsors the Clean Lakes Festival raising money to help clean the lakes for everyone to enjoy.

Selling point: Minnesota may be the land of 10,000 lakes, but Wisconsin has even more. And 5 of the lakes are in the Madison area. Once the lakes thaw, you can find avid skiers taking to the water while ice still lines the shores, making the most of their precious time on the water. Whatever type of skiing you enjoy, you’ll like find some new friends on the water that share your passion for the sport. And once the sun goes down, you’ll find a lively city scene to keep you occupied till the sun comes up again. Just make sure you’re not allergic to snow.

Website: http://www.madcityskiteam.com or http://www.uwwaterski.org

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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