WaterSki Magazine – March 2008 Recap

This month’s WaterSki Magazine has a couple good articles about barefooting.  I’ve noticed a little more in there about barefooting and that’s a nice change.  They still focus a lot on the 3-event skiing, but they are doing better with footing coverage.

The first article is about the Barefoot Central boys… seems they found a nice little lake, rounded up a pilot and did some footing with no boat wakes to worry about.  Just a little plane, a rope and glassy calm water.  They’ve got some good pictures and stories from the footers that took part in it.  I’ll be waiting for the video to make an appearance over on BarefootCentral.com

The second article is about the Dam to Dam barefoot race hosted by the Austin Barefoot Ski Club of Austin, TX.  They celebrated the 20th aniversary at this past year’s race and the race continues to grow each year.

Both stories had some good pictures and was nice to see WaterSki Magazine give some press to those of us who don’t need the skis.

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