Rain Got You Down?

Ignore the fact that is the heart of winter here in Wisco and there is currently a winter storm warning that is expected to dump 6 to 8 inches of snow tonight.  Pretend it’s summer and there’s been lots of rain… and now back to the story…

Find a culvert that is flooded with water, a car that is fast off the line and some friends willing to watch you potentially injure yourself severely and you have the making of a good barefoot video.

This is Chad from the Must-Skis, a little show ski team from the metropolis of Beaver Dam, WI.  I can attest that he appears completely sane in normal situations, but still opted to try this little stunt out.

If you check out Barefoot Central, you may have seen this show up there, but I posted this first way back in October last year over on my personal blog, but the video is worthy of sharing here.


Chad Foots by the Road

Chad, if you read this and care to offer some insight in to this stunt, please share and send it my way.  I’m sure there is a good story to share.

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