121 Skiers… 1 Boat

Over in Tasmania on Sunday, they tried to set a world record for number of people water skiing behind one boat. For those unfamiliar with where this is in the world, here’s a map. Sounds like they need to do some work on their physics though, because when they were trying to get the people up on their skis, the booms towing the people broke. I guess the physics get complicated when you have 121 people involved. I’ll give them an “A” for effort. I wish the story had included some pictures… it would be nice to see the setup for this. Video of the attempt would have been great.

Here’s where I’m confused… I wrote a post on October 9, 2007 about a world record attempt on October 7, 2007. A German blog announced they had smashed the world record by towing 33 skiers behind one boat. Of the top of my head, I know this isn’t a record. Here’s why…

First, there is always this great picture. Not sure on the exact number, but it is way more than 33.

Next, there is the world record pyramid from 2006. 48 people behind one boat. Not all on skis. But they got that whole pyramid thing going.

Plus, Mad-City has done 30+ people ballet lines this summer. That German post just seems fishy.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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