Winter Waterland on Jan 26, 2008

Where are people crazy enough to going skiing in the middle of winter? You say that question doesn’t make sense… Ok, let me clarify… where are people crazy enough to go WATER SKIING in the middle of winter? And by winter, I mean real winter like subfreezing temperatures, snow on the ground and frozen lakes.

You can find people crazy enough to do that in Wisconsin.  And this year there will be a convenient place to do that…

Winter Waterland is back.  After a year or two off (not sure exactly) it is back on 2008.  The place is the Anchor Inn located in the booming town of Newville, WI.  Not sure where that’s at?  Well, it is located between Madison and Janesville on Interstate 90.  You know that big bridge you drive over near the Highway 59.  That’s Newville.

The date is Saturday, January 26.  Check in is 10am and people will pretend to be ice cubes starting at 11am.

For more details, check out their website for more details and to register.  Don’t believe people are foolish, stupid, crazy enough to do this.  Here’s the video from 2004…

Winter Waterland 2004

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