The Boondocks

boondocks |ˈboōnˌdäks| plural noun informal
rough, remote, or isolated country : we’re out here in the boondocks, miles from a telephone.

That’s where I spent a good portion of last weekend… the boondocks. My friends Beau & Kelly were getting hitched in the north woods, or at least what a boy from Madison would call the north woods. Beau called it the boondocks…

But anyways, the wedding was in the afternoon and was very nice. Then we made our way to the reception with just a slight detour to make a brief stop at a liquor store for some supplies. One of my responsibilities was to start the music at the reception. We then put our stuff in the cabin we were staying in and made our way back to the reception hall and had some cocktails and snacks. The wedding party arrived, dinner was served, a nice video they had put together was played and then the dance started. After playing the part of a wall flower for a while as I continued to drink some beer, I eventually worked up the liquid courage needed to make my way out to the dance floor. I never looked back. I spent most of the rest of the night on the dance floor, only taking breaks to refresh my beer or find another shot. Needless to say, I had a blast. Shortly after midnight, I realized I had enough. Enough what you ask? Fun, drinks, dancing, everything. I was ready to call it a night. I said my goodbyes and stumbled my way to the cabin. It was like someone had flipped a switch. Here are a few pics from the night…

The Bride and Groom… Kelly & Beau

Kristen and I with Drinks in Our Hands

Kelly, Jenny and I on the Dance Floor

Final damage… 12 pack of Stella and a shot of Souther Comfort and about 5 or 6 shots of Jaeger Bombs. Yea… I was down for the count. And you knew you could have so much fun at a YMCA camp?

Next day, roll out of bed about 9am. Get some breakfast, say our goodbyes and head home. Roll into Madison about 11am ready to do nothing for the rest of the day. That didn’t happen though.

First, picked some of the ski teams 2006 DVDs. Next, headed to the ‘rents for some lunch and then got a call to go skiing… so I did. Hit the water at 230 in the cool brisk sunny afternoon air. Other than a few footing runs, I didn’t do much. It had only been 15 hours since the previous night and I was still a bit run down… Did get to see some good footing and some good falls. Here are some pics from the afternoon on the lake…

My footing run… notice there isn’t a dry suit!

7 Did Some Stuff on the Wakeboard

Trying a Back Roll

Trying another Back Roll

Final Back Roll of the Day

Imse did some backfooting… I have really good videos of his backfooting, and I was about to get a really good picture of him backfooting when this happened…

I’d Like to Claim this Was a Planned Picture, but it is Pure Luck

The fall didn’t end his day… he took another run.

How can you not want to be on the water on a day like this?

I have some videos of Imse backfooting and 7 doing his best break dancing imprecation. Both are really good. They’ll be coming soon.

Links to the Photo Albums:
Wedding in the Boondocks
Barefooting in the Fall

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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