OK Peeps…

Yes, the skiing posts have dwindled as of late… so has my skiing, it is fall in Wisconsin… but…

I’ve been working diligently the last couple weeks on Mad-City’s highlight video, which is now pretty much done since it was shown at our banquet on Friday night. There are a couple minor things that need to be cleaned up and a couple final details I need to complete before I’ll say it is done done, but that shouldn’t take much. Look for the highlight video to make it’s web debut in a week or two. It’ll show up here first and then ever so slightly later, it’ll be on the ski team’s website.

What this means, is there are some jumping crash videos (of me and other people), a variety of pictures and other stuff that need posting (my life hasn’t been standing still) and that’ll happen soon… this week to be exact. I’ve etched that in pixels so now it has to be done. The only way this won’t get done is if the weather turns nice enough that I’m too busy on the water to get it done.

Plus my week started off slightly better… my Packers won (it wasn’t pretty though) but my Badger’s lost… well not completely… football lost, hockey split and women’s hockey just keeps winning… an NCAA record 32 in a row that they haven’t lost to be exact. Check back for a skiing update soon…

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In Favre We Trust…

I don’t need to write anything other than go read this post on KSK. Here is just a little bit of it:

The amendment requires all working quarterbacks in the United States to be more rugged and rascally, with a twinkle in each eye and a song in their hearts. It also establishes throwing a shovel pass across the field off your back foot to an opposing linebacker as the national “football move.” Furthermore, it designates Kiln, Miss. as a National Historic Landmark for Quarterbacking, rather than for general squalor.
KSK Favre Amendment

On a more serious note, turns out Congress really is going to honor #4, they’ve passed House Resolution 697.

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Falcons Want Their Money

The arbitrator ruled that Mr. Vick has to return $19.97 million of the money that the Atlanta Falcons have paid him. The NFLPA immediately appealed the decision.

I don’t think they are going to win the appeal and it comes down to one thing… when Mr. Vick signed the contract he was already participating in the illegal activities that he has admitted to and been convicted of and the contract said he had to abide by the NFL Code of Conduct which he was already violating. He was in violation of the contract before he signed it.

I don’t think he’ll when the appeal and in my opinion, he shouldn’t.

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Roadside Barefooting

I had this video sent to me last week… Chad from the Beaverland Must-Skis found a new place to barefoot… by the side of the road. The car has to have at least a little giddy up to it… looks like a Subaru.

Roadside Barefooting

The one thing that came to mind is I don’t think I’d want to face plant… the water doesn’t appear to be very deep and a face plant could be bad.

Based on the ending of the video, it appears that it was done as part of BarefootCentral.com’s Show Ski Challenge.

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I’m Going to Write About a Story That Starts Before the Beginning…

So this is a first for this blog… a post about a book. Or in this case, a short story that I read in a book. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to become a literary blog, but I found a story that I wanted to share with the world. So this is the first, and may be the last, literary post on this blog.

I’ve been reading the book Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman on and off for a while. It is a collection of short stories that he’s written. Many of the stories are interesting, but easily forgettable. One of them though, grabbed my attention from the start and in my opinion is a great story, be it short or long.

The story is titled Murder Mysteries (link to Wiki entry about it). It tells of the first murder to occur, a murder in the city of angles. I won’t go into details, but I’ll just say I thought it was great. It looks like you should be able to listed to it at SciFi.com’s Seeing Ear Theatre but the links there haven’t worked for me. I did find a link on Salon.com where you can listen to the beginning of the story (first 11+ minutes of the 75 or so minutes of the story.)

This story is also available as a graphic novel that I just might be picking up. Story isn’t that long, so check it out… I think you’ll like it.

Other stories in Smoke and Mirrors that I liked were Troll Bridge, The Goldfish Pool, Shoggoth’s Old Peculiar, Virus and Changes.

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The Pretzel and I

For those of you that know me, you know I snack on pretzels… a lot. For those that work with me, you see me eating them at lunch, nearly every day. They are my favorite store bought snack that don’t need any preparation… right after Cheeto’s (which I just don’t by for myself anymore… I always eat the whole bag no matter the size of the bag.)

So my snack pecking order goes like this:

  • Cheeto’s
  • Popcorn (this typically needs to be popped and have butter added)
  • Pretzels
  • Pringles

Yes, that is the extent of snack food that I eat. No chips and salsa, no potato chips. Nada. I guess you could add the occasional cracker (Ritz or Saltine, but not very often).

So, as you can guess, I eat a lot of pretzels. But my love of them is just as a snack to go with a Pepsi. This person has a much deeper love of pretzels. Almost disturbing how much she knows about them.

Random quiz… who knows the song name I’m alluding to in this post title? Tell me the name of the song, the artist and what show it is from. Here’s your hint… think [adult swim]!

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Just A Few People Behind a Boat

I’ve seen this before, but I saw it again and figured I’d share this with the world… or at least the tiny portion of the world that looks at this blog. By my count there is nearly a hundred people behind that boat. If the ropes average 100 feet in length, there is nearly 10,000 feet of rope which would be about 2 miles. Looks like there’s no knots too which is doubly impressive.

Just imagine the pyramids they could build… that’s at least eight 4-highs worth of people.
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Favre Celebrations

A couple notes about the Packers at Vikings game from yesterday…

My thought after the punter Jon Ryan ran for the first down on the fake punt… He’s probably thinking to himself I’m never doing that again.

Then today I read somewhere that it actually was a called fake punt but was called off (via an audible) because of the Vikings’ alignment. The funny part is Ryan, the punter, who was going to run the fake punt, and the most important person that needs to hear the audible, never heard the audible so he ran the fake punt anyways. Everyone else on the Packers’ side of the field thought it was a real punt… until he took off running. This is great!

Saw this on the web today and it made me laugh out loud…

In celebration, Favre picks Jennings up over his shoulders. If Favre ever tries this on one of those tackle-eligible TD passes, he’s going to end his career.
The Mighty MJD on Deadspin

It just be interesting to see him pick up a tight end to celebrate…

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