I Have A Problem Here…

…the lakes are high and the no wake on the lake went lake wide today. That means no skiing in Madison for me. Can’t blame them though, here are a few shots of our ski site from Monday and the area where the crowd would sit is flooded.

This shot shows our blacktop stage that is normally a couple
feet above the water level and it is now at the water level.

Here is where the crowd will typically sit. Now it is under water.

Here is the bike path…. once again it is normally a couple feet
above the lake level and now it just barely above the lake level.
You can see debris from when the water was higher.

Finally, here is a line of debris across the middle
of the park showing where the water level was.

With no skiing in Madison, that means I’ll need to road trip to The Beav or Lake Wisconsin to find water to ski on. Not a huge problem but it does cut into the ability to do after work skiing. Finish work at 5, best case, home by 530, on the road to one of those two places by 540, launching the boat at 615. And that is really the very best case. More than likely, it would be 630/645 for launching the boat and that means just 60 minutes of skiing. Getting everyone to arrive at exactly 530 at my house to meet to go north is just very unlikely. I’m just crossing my fingers the water goes down somewhat quickly. 2 weeks would be nice.

Anyways, that just means I have a whole lot more free time in the evenings that I need to find something to do with.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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