Recent Press Coverage of the Mad-City Ski Team

The ski team has been getting some nice local press lately. The Wisconsin State Journal had a nice article about the ski team’s recent successes and what it means to be on the ski team on the Saturday morning of Nationals. (Link to article)

At that same time they were writing that article, the newspaper also had someone working on a video of the ski team. I managed to track the video down and watched it and I think they did a really good with it. (Link to video)

On Monday after Nationals, The Capital Times (Madison’s other newspaper) had a nice story on us winning another National Championship. (Link to article)

Then on Tuesday morning, the Wisconsin State Journal had their article about us repeating as National Champions. (Link to article)

Meanwhile, I also looked for coverage in the local newspapers of the other teams that competed in the tournament. I found articles about Wonder Lake (link to article), Janesville Rock Aqua Jays (link to article) and the Rockford Ski Broncs (link to article).

Of the other articles I found, I think the best quote is in the Janesville article from Dave Rezin:

“Mad City had a real good show. The thing they have going for them is they ski on rough water every day (at their show site in Law Park on Lake Monona in Madison). They have almost no barefooting in their show, so they were able to adapt to the conditions better than what we were.”

That’s the first time that our ski site has ever provided us with any type of advantage. It is routinely rough and we don’t have anything that resembles a beach. When the water is calm, the boat waves we generate bounce off the Monona Terrace and come right back at us. We use to have a sunny sight, but then some very tall apartment buildings were built and now we get a whole lot of shade in the evening. The only redeeming quality of our site is the bicycle path.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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