My Adventures in Helicopters, Part Duex

Hit the lake after work tonight (with Joey, Paul, Ronée and Scott) and did another jump set…

Jump number was a planned ride over… lets just say I landed… on my back. Went off on my heals and it was a complete yard sale on the landing. Wish I had this one on video.. it would have been good.

Jump number two was suppose to be heli attempt number one. Well, I was still working on getting the wrap done as we approached the ramp and it finally got to the point where I wasn’t going to be wrapped so I just did a ride over. Nothing special, but I did have the feeling that I hate where it feels like I’m going to go out the front, which is in reality good, because then I’m over my skis. Anyways, landed it and received a standing O from the crowd on the Betty Lou that was going by.

Jump number three was my first heli attempt of the night, and third overall. I made it 270 degrees around and had an ugly fall from the boat’s perspective. Nothing bad from mine. It seems that I’m starting the heli way late. Need to initiate it just before I leave the ramp, not eight feet later. Here’s the video…

Jump number four, heli attempt number two. Hit the ramp, initiated the spin at the very top of the ramp (still late, but earlier than before)… started spinning and saw the ramp and then I saw the boat again. Yes, I had finally spun 360 degrees. Had a landing I could have skied away from (according to Paul – skis flat, but they were in front of me), but didn’t. So close. Never been so happy after a fall. Instead of coming up with just a wave that I was OK, I came up with both fists pumped in the air.

I try to limit myself to 4 jumps (5 if I’m skiing away) per set so I called it after that one. Don’t like to get too tired and then injure myself. I had taken 3 pretty good falls.

Ended the night with a little wake surfing. I need more weight in the boat to make a bigger wave. Joey swiveled, Paul instructed, Ronée did some toe turns and Scott acted as our third after J &P left for v-ball. Fun night all around.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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