A Couple Random Barefoot YouTubes for Your Enjoyment

First on the dock, a “chick” named Amber. She’s a good footer…. does a back deep on the boom and everything. The coolest part? She’ll fix her hair. Worth the wait.

Next on the dock, some random guy that is a little crazy, I’m guessing his name is Andre and apparently people think he’s going too fast. But anyway, dude does some pretty mean tricks. I’ll give away a little bit of his secret…. besides a shit load of speed, he’s on a boom and that boom is up very high and it provides a lot of upward lift and I know that is helping out a lot*. Still the tricks are pretty sick, so enjoy.

Andres — Going Too Fast

*I know this is helping out a lot from a little experiment I did… I’ve been doing one foots long line for a while now… not a problem. Go to do them on my boom and they just didn’t work very well. Raised the boom up about a foot from waist level to just above waist level and now one foots are easy as cake on the boom. This dude’s boom is above his head. That’s gotta help big time.
Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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