Jump Set #2 of the Year

Took another jump set tonight and it went well. Knees felt find and no pain other than just a little sore. Here are the pics…

Almost managed to get a picture of me in the air… my camera is really slow at taking pictures.

Pretty good position in the air… straight up and down and arms kinda close in… skis did come apart a little on the ramp though. Good jump!

I completely wussed out on this landing… my skis are aren’t nearly as flat as they should be, but it was a landable jump!

Nice shot of me in front of the terrace.

Straight up and down, flat skis… good jump!

All in all, a good set… landed 3 of 4 jumps. Decent position for me in the air… managed to keep my body straight up and down and my skis flat to the water. Gonna try and do this again tomorrow.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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