Mad-City Dual

This past weekend I competed in the Mad-City Dual. It is a small figure 8 barefoot tournament held in Monona Bay in Madison. I believe there was approximately 30 footers in the tournament. For those that don’t know, here is a brief description of a figure 8 tournament. Two footers are behind the boat going at the same time, the boat drives in a figure 8 pattern. What that means is as the boat goes around it crosses it’s own wake each time it crosses the middle of the eight. The two footers continue until 1 falls and then the other wins.

The bay was, as usually, very weedy. Here are some pics showing just how nasty it was.

Lots of weeds – pic from BareFootSki dot com

More weedspic from BareFootSki dot com

Of all the people in the tournament, my first run was against Bugsy. Neither one of us had designs of winning the tournament, but we both wanted to put on respectable shows. I’ve been making my slalom starts this year so far (all 3 of them) but opted to go out on two skis and no worries about the start. My step was clean and since Bugsy won the coin toss and picked the outside for the first corner, I had the inside. I held the corner nicely and then make it through the “chop” in the middle of the eight. Second corner arrives and just as we’re coming out of the corner, somehow my inside foot catches and my run comes to end. Going in, I had three goals… make it around the first corner, make it through the middle and then finish an eight. 2 out of 3 on the first run. Pretty good even though I had lost. Our run had been the longest run so far and held for a few more runs which made me feel good even though I had lost.

Before I head out on my first run

Heading out for the first run

About to make the step


Coming out of the first corner

Coming back to shore

Bugsy & Me

I did get a kick out of a comment I received after my run. It went something like… “It takes a lot of guts to go out there on two skis and then you put on a good show.”

Me and my trusty skis

My second run didn’t go so well. Missed my step. Needless to say I was a little pissed off about that. I hadn’t missed a step in good water in a long time. My day was done.

Bugsy did pretty well in the tournament. T-Bell was happy she made it through the first set of rollers once. Beau kicked some ass, knocking off some big names and skied for quite a while on Saturday.

Don’t know who’s footing, but I love this shot. I wish there was one of Bugsy and Me like this.

At the end of the day, it came down to a 52 year old vs a 50 year old for the championship. Mike Netzer, the 52 year old won. Here’s a video of the final run.

The footers – pic from BareFootSki dot com

After the tourney and grabbing some dinnner I’d eat, I headed downtown to meet up with a bunch of friends for dinner at Edo’s to celebrate Sandy’s birthday. They serve sushi. I don’t do sushi so that’s why I ate ahead of time. After dinner, we headed to the terrace and had some more beers and then to Brokah’s on the square for more drinks. Everyone had a good time and I was glad I wasn’t driving.

Bugsy, his man bag, two pitches of beer and smoking a cigarette.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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