Cross Training

Tonight, before ski team practice, I decided to do something a little different… I took a short run on my Rollerblades, something I haven’t done in years. I grew up playing hockey, so skating isn’t an unfamiliar thing, just haven’t done it in a while. Tonight I dusted off the blades and took a short run from Olin to Law Park and back. Took me just a bit to get my wheeled feet back underneath me, and now I’m reminded about some muscles in legs that only really get used for the skating motion. I needed the cardio workout though.

During practice, I manged to time taking my barefoot run pretty well. Wind seemed to be dying down and just after finishing the runs, it started right back up stronger than ever. I had opted to leave the barefoot shorts in the car when heading down to the site and now I remember all to well why I purchased them. Also, the one fall I had where I landed square on my back wouldn’t have been bad, except for the tumble turns I had tried on Saturday. Still feels a bit bruised from then.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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