Practices Have Started

After months of land practices and weeks of working on equipment, the Mad-City Ski Team has finally taken to the water this week. Unfortunately mother nature hasn’t been kind.

Monday’s practice featured nearly 90 degree temperatures to keep us warm and 30 MPH winds with gusts going to 40 to try and keep us cool. The wind didn’t help with keeping us cool and they were southwest winds which really aren’t good to begin with for our ski site, let alone at 30+ MPH. This means rough water. White caps.

Today, the wind was good, just a breeze out of the northwest, which is a great direction for our ski site, but the air temperature was probably about 50 degrees, maybe 52. And overcast. Just not a very warm practice.

I did take advantage of the calm water that apparently nobody (besides us and a few fisherman wanted to be on) and had a very good barefoot run. Started at the main dock, down to the bridges and back past the dock to the Betty Lou launch. Looking at maps it looks to be about a 2 mile run.

Comparing this run to pretty much all of my runs on Saturday, including the “good” runs, it is amazing what a difference decent water makes. With water like this, it would have been a run a piece on the way down the lake and then one each on the way back. Instead it was face plant after face plant after face plant.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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