The Seal has been Broken

The Keg has been Tapped. The Water Ski Season has Begun…

Game On!!!

After scouting the Madison lakes late last week, it became evident that they weren’t going to open by this weekend. They are close, but not there yet. They weren’t going to cooperate with me breaking when I begin my ski season. My deadline was Monday the 26 and the lakes weren’t going to be open by then.

I did find out that Beaver Dam was at least a little bit open. Their show site was open, and that was about it. Just past the show site the ice was looming out there. We launched the boat and suited up. Weather was in the 60’s, sun was shining, wind was calm, but wasn’t sure on the water temp. It did still contain ice, so it wasn’t warm. Although the weather was good, fog still loomed over the ice.

Mike took the first run, braving it in a barefoot suit over a long wetsuit. Had to be cold. I took the next. I eased into the water, grabbed the rope and away we went. Here are some pictures.

Here I’m doing my best “Stay Puff Marshmellow Man” impression.

See the ice float just behind me? I’m pretending to be an ice cube right now.

Surprisingly, being in the water isn’t the really cold portion of skiing in the spring. The coldest part is when you’re up, face is wet, and you’re moving 40+ MPH. The wind chill is horrible.

Still hanging on…

Next up was John. He provided some spectacular falls that everyone wishes we had on video.

Finally, Erich from Beaver Dam took a leisurely slalom run.

And one final comment… None of us were sure what the brown stuff floating in the water was. We saw the stuff clinging to bottom and floating up from the bottom, but no idea what was. It did turn the normally white spray from the boat brown.

Mike and I took a second run each. I should have some video footage of that soon.

Here are some final shots of the lake and ice…

The water was glass calm.

For all of the pictures from the ski set, you can get them here:

2007-03-24 – Skiing – First Time on the Water in 2007
Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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