Saw this movie back in the beginning of March when it came, just been a bit busy. But back to the mini review…

This movie tells the story of the case work that was done to investigate the real Zodiac killer. It was made by the same directory that did Se7en, David Fincher, so I had some high hopes for a good movie. The movie is pretty different from his last serial killer movie though. No really big twist, no gripping story that draws you in. Se7en was one of the best movies of the 90s. Period.

But back to the movie at hand. This was actually one of the better movies from this spring, but that really isn’t saying a whole lot based on the other movies that came out. Tells a good a story (not that what happened was good, but that the story was interesting). But it was a good movie. it was interesting to see the guy that played Drew Carey’s brother in the show, John Carroll Lynch, in a movie and Anthony Edwards in something that was good since he left ER.

Overall, good movie, well worth watching at some point.

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