Water Skiing News from Malaysia

While over here in the states, we have to fight for every bit of water skiing news coverage, over in Malaysia the seem to get pretty good press. Funny thing is, most of the news articles I find about water skiing come from the far side of the world, places like Australia. Or they are about some water skiing squirrel (go ahead, look at them). The squirrel gets more press than the 2006 National Champion Show Ski Team from Madison.

Meanwhile, try searching for show skiing and all you get is stories about shows that might be about skiing (likely down hill) or potentially some show that on TV that had skiing in it, but very little about actual show skiing.

While over at the Rowboat they are warning all up and coming show directors to be wary about taking people out of show acts… Who knows what they’ll do in retaliation? I also like the idea of some bling on the throttle.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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