Questioning the Rankings?

I’m a Badger fan, that will sway my opinion, but here are my thoughts…

From the moment the #1 ranking was announced, people questioned it. National media & the net questioned it. Do they deserve it? During the game broadcast on Tuesday, they questioned it from the get-go.

And then they lost to Michigan State. Shortest #1 ranking. They received it Monday and lost it Tuesday.

After the lost, even more people questioned the ranking then. Did they ever deserve it? Was it a mistake?

Michigan State has been on the upswing and played there way into the field of 65 on Tuesday. Everybody is healthy again and I think Drew Neitzel could have thrown the ball at the Badger’s basket, have it bounce off the room and then have it go into the Spartan basket. Dude couldn’t miss. It was like watching the old Nintendo basketball game where a player could catch on fire and shoot from anywhere and make it. That was Neitzel.

And then MSU played some D too! Badgers got away from their game and it cost them. Throwing up 3-point bricks isn’t the way to catch up. Then the Badger’s made some very silly/stupid turnovers. Way too much traveling.

Everyone is saying the Badgers are going to fall in the rankings. Nobody questioned OSU’s ranking as the other #1.

What happens if the Badgers beat OSU on Sunday? At OSU.

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