Evinrude’s Website

If you jump on over to Evinrude’s website, on their main page they have a little flash video that at the end, if you watch closely, shows the world record pyramid being pulled off the dock and then a shot of Jerry Wesner (Mad-City Ski Team’s triple rig driver) showing some love to the engines.

I browsed through some more of their website, watching some testimonial and hole shot videos, but didn’t see any other pyramid shots.

Still waiting to stumble on the infomercial on TV, but haven’t seen it yet. I did find this clip, which I’m guessing came from the infomercial on YouTube though.


And if you want to read an interesting discussion about outboard motors, go here. Just some of the poster’s pictures make it worth while. Although they do mention the infomercial, they don’t mention the show skiing portion of it. Too bad.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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