How to start this review of Saw III… I guess my first comment will be is that I found parts of this movie to be difficult to watch. What I mean by that is in a way that parts of the Passion of the Christ were difficult to watch, so were parts of this movie. (This is the only way these two movies are similar.) For some, the scenes may not bother them, but they did bother me. But then, I have a difficult time watching ER on occasion. With that said, I had a feeling there could be parts like that, they weren’t unexpected.

Now on to the meet of the story. And yes, this movie, unlike the typical horror movie, has a plot, or connecting story. The way it started, I was worried. It seemed to be going down the path that I though Saw II followed… which was creative ways to get people to kill or maim themselves. But then the story started coming together, much like the original Saw, and in the end, I can honestly say I enjoyed the story. And I do mean story.

For those of you that are fans of the first Saw, of which I am, you should definitely enjoy this movie. And those of you that just want a good horror movie, you’re in luck to. It isn’t going to stand up to the likes of The Prestige or The Departed (two very good and recent movies) but, nonetheless, a good horror movie.

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