No, I’m not talking about the Pearl Jam song, but the IMAX movie BUGS in 3D. I caught this one tonight, knowing full well that it would be like watching a Discovery Channel show on the GIANT screen. And that it was. Seeing great big bugs, like the one pictured, tower over you on the 4 story tall screen is quiet impressive. I do mean tower.

The movie opens with a stunning 3D view of a rain forest and then seemingly out of nowhere, I giant spider descends into your field of vision right in front of your eyes. The spider looks to be the size of your fist and at arms reach, so it is right in front of your face, literally. Definitely not something for someone who doesn’t like spiders.

The cinematography was simply amazing. From the spider I already mentioned, to seeing one bug eat another from a perspective much closer than you’d could even try to watch someone eat to the must disgusting scene of the movie where preying mantises seem to fall off (or out of, I wasn’t sure) a giant (relatively speaking) ball of goo as a baby mantis, and then another, and then another, and…

Overall, it was a good nature movie, and like I said, similar to what you could see on TV, except for the giant screen and amazing 3D effects.

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