October Movie Review Catchup

I’ve had a very busy October. I did manage to catch a few movies, but haven’t had time to write anything about them. So here’s three brief movie reviews.

The Departed. Saw this opening night. What can I say except I loved this movie. And I don’t even care for Damon or DiCaprio that much. I accept that they are good actors, I just don’t always like them. But in this movie, along with Nicholson, they were great. If you like mob or crime movies, this movie is awesome. Great story, kept you guessing just a bit. Lots of plot twists. In my opinion, the Best Movie of the Year so far. Should kick ass and take names in the Oscars. Only thing that might hamper it is there were so many good actors, chances are there are going to be multiple nominees from this movie in either the Best Actor or Best Supporting Actor categories and they’ll steal votes from each other. Go see this movie. It is what movies are supposed to be.

The Grudge 2. Saw this on opening night as well. Sent shivers down my spine a few times. Still, not really sure what happens in the movie or why the Grudge is now spanning continents, but it accomplished its goal of being a scary movie. Nothing to write home about though.

The Marine. This brought back memories of “Old” Schwarzenegger movies. By this I mean, big muscled guy gets pissed off and starts beating everyone up. It accomplished this goal well. Weak story, weak acting, but fun to watch once. Probably never watch it again though. Watching the guy be a security guard was rather funny.

Some movies I’ll be seeing soon…
The Prestige
Saw III [this one is a guilty pleasure]
Flags of Our Fathers

Some movies I might catch…
The Guardian
Maria Antoinette
Bugs in 3-D

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