The Water is Now 45.9 Degrees

Yes, that is correct. We had some snow fall this past week and that probably helped cool of the lake. That, and the cold nights we’ve had where it has been down into the 30s overnight.

Last night 7, Sandy and I were out celebrating Badger Football & Hockey victories and knowing that the weather today was suppose to get up to about 60 and be sunny, we decided to go skiing.

7, Sandy and Myself

Today, I finished up changing the oil in my boat and gassed it up on the way to the lake. At 1pm it was sunny and pretty nice. But at 330 when we hit the water, the sky had clouded up and it was probably a little cooler (low 50s?).

Yes, that says 45.9 degrees…

Me, wanting to be a tough guy and get one last run in before putting on a dry suit, left my dry suit at home, planning on just toughing it out with a thermal shirt and shorty wetsuit. 7 and Sandy were better prepared.

7 suited up first and took a slalom run. Didn’t complain about the water, but kept his run pretty brief. Could be because he hadn’t skied a lot lately, maybe still recovering from 16 hours of drinking the day before or maybe just didn’t like the cold water.

7 on the Water

I suited up next and jumped right it. Ice. Yes, that is what the water felt like. Grabbed the handle, rope came tight, and off we went. Got up, and besides my face (which was freezing in the wind chill) it really wasn’t too bad. Took 3 good runs along the south and west shorelines. Managed some one foots. Sandy took the corner in the runs really tight. First time through it on the inside corner, I held my spot. Second time, I was on the outside and that was easy. Third time, I held for a while, but could feel it getting a little soft and decided to let the whip carry me across the bubbles. Now I had 20 feet off the rope, the distance I was at was pretty much the worst distance to be as there is quite the rooster tail at this distance behind my boat at barefooting speeds. So, having decided to ride the whip, I closed my eyes and released my cut and away I went. Actually, came through pretty good, probably one of my smoother wake crossings, but in retrospect, closing my eyes as I rode the whip through the bubbles was probably not the brightest thing to do.

Why’s there a giant ball of spray following the boat?
That is just Wedge doing a really bad one foot!
I can’t feel my face

The good thing about your feet going numb…
You can’t feel where the water is breaking on your foot during a one foot.

Just before I close my eyes and ride the whip

Sandy took to the water next. Having been living in Florida for the last 3 years and only getting water time in the heart of summer, she suited up in a dry suit and jumped in and took a good slalom run as well.

Proof that Sandy skied in Madison in front of the State Capital

She’s done!

Everyone had a good time and Sandy & 7 were content to have that be their final time out on the water. I, on the other, still want more!

I will admit to the fact that is officially dry suit weather now.

You can download full quality versions of these pictures and more in my web album.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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