Employee of the Month

I caught this movie as I was killing some time. I had seen some reviews of this movie earlier in the day and some seemed to thing that this movie was going to be a serious look into the lives of people that work in superstores. I didn’t expect anything like that. I expected a fairly bad movie that I hoped would be funny. Nothing more, nothing less.

The premise of the movie is that the store has someone that has one the Employee of the Month award for the past 17 months. If he made it to 18 months, it would be a new record. The only people in the store that like this employee are the management, the customers, and his sidekick name Jorge (who is a lot like the character Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite.) The store also has a slacker who basically doesn’t want management to know he exists, because if they did, they might fire him.

Well the store than receives a new transfer played by Jessica Simpson and the employee of the month and the slacker compete for her attention. The people that expect something should have been clued of by Jessica being in this movie.

The movie is pretty horrible (bad acting, weak plot, etc), but I laughed the whole way through it. Probably not going to watch it again.

It did make me wonder if things like this (reward stickers, secret hiding places amongst the pallets, and checkout speed competitions) really do take place in stores? Never having worked in a “superstore” I’ll never know.

Wait for this movie to make its way on to TV in a few months.

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