Wisconsin Weather

So with forecast calling for highs in the mid-80 in October, I planned to hit the water with T-Bell & John today. Watching the weather throughout today, I could see some pretty big storms moving north of Portage and South of Janesville, both about 30 or so minutes away in their respective directions.

As 5pm rolls around, the weather is still warm, somewhat clear, and basically good skiing conditions. Get to the lake at 515 and am getting the boat ready and feel that it is a little cooler already. Get out on the water and know for sure it has cooled off.

We get a quick set in as the weather slowly grows darker to the east, but looks somewhat west. I hop in to take my last run and do a quick run one way and see some lightning way off to the east. Figure I might as well take one last run back to the bridge and we head off to the west, turn towards the north, where it is now darker, and finally turn back to the east towards the bridge (we took the long way to the bridge) and now I’m see lots of lighting, notice the trees are now indicating a strong wind out of the north when it was out of the south minutes before. I let go as we get to the bridge, they come back, quickly, and pick me up. I hop in and we high tail it out of there.

We get out to the main lake and it is getting quickly worse. We make a beeline for the dock and get the boat out without incident.

We did notice the UW Ski Team was still skiing as we headed to the landing… we decided to be nice and hooked up their truck and trailer and helped them get their boat out when they finally came to the landing. BTW, the UW team qualified for Nationals… Congrats!!!

Sorry, no pics from tonight… little too gloomy. Still had good skiing though!

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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