To All the Sports Writers…

I know you are secretly reading my blog to get the inside scoop on water skiing, show skiing, barefooting and this phenomenon called the Mad-City Ski Team…

Can you please stop blaming Favre every time the Packers lose a game proclaiming that he needs to fade away? That he is too old, that he’s lost it. Yes he made a few mistakes last night (one bad throw over the middle sticks out).

Surprisingly, some of these same writers say he should force a trade to a better team so he can take them to a Superbowl. Which is it? Is he bad and needs to quit or is he good enough to take a better team to the biggest of games? Make up your mind.

But can you please start calling for Ahmad Carroll’s head? We might as well play with 10 guys on defenses. It is one thing to get burned. It is another to get flagged for a penalty. It is even worse to get burned and flagged for a penalty. Carroll doesn’t need to fade away. He needs to disappear… now. I think everyone but the Packer’s next opponents can agree about this. They want to see Carroll on the field… they love playing against him.

I can just hear the conversations… “Carroll is in the game. We’re going deep. Whoever Carroll lines up against, just go deep. I’ll throw the ball to you no matter what. Either you’ll be wide open or he’ll get flagged. Either way well be down field.”

Please, please, please cut him now!

Update: He will at least own up the fact that he sucked badly last night. Seems like a nice guy.

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