Busy Week

During the ski season (which is still going on… I’m talking about the ski team season) I keep thinking I’ll have free time when it over. Wrong. Life doesn’t let up. This past week has been busy. Two Badger football games and much more in between.

We start last Saturday when I went to watch the Badger football team beat up on Western Illinois. The Badgers won, but against NIU, they should have played better.

Sunday, the NFL season kicked off. Monday, even more football.

Tuesday, I ended up heading out for Holly’s birthday. We met up at the Nitty Gritty. Had a small turnout from the ski team, but the people I expected to be there were. Bugs, Libby, Beau, Kelly and Cory. We gave Holly a lot of crap for her full page write up in The Star (local Sun Prairie weekly newspaper). I mean whole page. Take a traditional newspaper page and her article covered 90% of it. Just a couple ads and two very small articles were on the page. The rest… all Holly, lots of pics too!. When we finished up at the Gritty, we headed over to the Karaoke Kid. The bar is truly a little hole in the ground. I believe everyone sang. Some better than others. The Kid, although a bar specializing in karaoke, didn’t have the selection that I’ve seen at CBI where they just have a traveling karaoke person come in. I’ve put some pictures up of the vents from the night.

Ski Team Members doing shots… what’s new?
Libby, Bugs, Holly, Cory, Kelly, Me, Beau

Holly and I doing the 3 Wise Men… I look like a giant next to her

Me & the ladies of the night

Holly – The Birthday Girl

Cory and Myself singing… Sweet Caroline I think?

Bugs & Kelly – A Little Funky Cold Medina…

Wednesday morning came all too early and it was a take my boat to work day so I could ski right after work. Met up with Beau and Bugs. It was a little cool, only about 65 degrees and overcast. Very calm winds though. First we hit up the ski jump. Bugs and Beau made use of that. Beau tried a reverse heli. Not so good. Bugs looked a little rough. I think he became use to the good jump service he was on it Ohio. We then went into the bay and did a lot of footing. I did several loops. Beau didn’t like the weeds. Bugs tried out the shoe skis and nearly did the splits on his first three deeps. They looked painful. About 630 or so, the skies finally cleared (as I promised they would). Here’s Bugsy…

About to eat it

Thursday, I did some more skiing after work. This time with John and Seven. This time we just hit up the bay. Weather was much nicer than it was on Wednesday. About 75 and sunny. And we had very calm winds again. I started off with a set of 8 runs back and forth across the bay. Trying to keep up my endurance. Also worked on my one handed footing, something I just haven’t been very comfortable with. I know it isn’t anything major, I just haven’t been comfortable with it and decided a little practice was in order. Then we dragged Seven around. He had some issues butting out of the wake, so literally, we dragged him around. Then John took his turn and thought about using the teeth hold. Then I took my second set and decided to do some barefoot slaloming. Last pass I made four wake crossings, good considering my boat has the bubbles of death for footing. I also ending up doing some more loops. There’s a funny story about a duck on one of the loops (go read The Duck Story). We hit up the bar next door afterwards for drinks, food and music.

Look mom, one hand…

The other hand

Friday, quiet day. Caught a movie.

Saturday, another football game. Badgers vs. San Diego State. This time I went with a group from work. We hit up the Stadium Bar before hand. Made it in time for the F/A-18 fly by (which was awesome, after burners on right over our side of the stadium and we were in the upper deck.) Then, in a stadium that seats 70,000+, Taryn from the ski team sits two rows in front of me. Game was good. Towards the end of the game, they did a segment on the score board called Ask the Badgers. The question was what would they do if they won the lottery. Most had common answers… house, house for parents, cars, boats, etc. One of the linemen answered in true Wisconsin fashion “cheese curds… deep fried cheese curds.” Crowd loved it. Next, they have the Big Ten opener at Michigan.

Finally, apparently I’m the best answer when you search google.com for “how to prevent birds from crapping on your boat.” Don’t believe me… click here.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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