Sports Blogs

When it comes to sports writers, I usually know the basics about what happened… I watch too much ESPN. I like to get the more off the wall observations, interesting trends and just unique perspectives. The three sports links I have to the right are written by three of the most entertaining and informative writers I have found. I don’t always agree with what the say, but I’m always entertained.

Bill Simmons writes about once a week or so for ESPN. He writes about lots of different stuff, so it is hard to really classify, except to say it is sports related. He does weekly picks of the NFL games and has his wife do them too.

Dan Shanoff now has an independent blog that is now on Previously, he did the Daily Quickie on ESPN. He writes daily about everything sports. I don’t always agree with him, but he usually presents a different view from what I’m use to. He does a quick overview of what happened yesterday and what’s coming up.

Gregg Easterbrook is the final writer listed. He writes a column called Tuesday Morning Quarterback. His column has bounced around for a bit (ESPN to Football Outsiders to but is now back on ESPN. He writes a recap of the past weekends events in the NFL and keeps track of a lot of off the wall stats. He also likes to do research on the NFL cheerleaders and conveniently provides links to the best pictures. This is a column I look forward to each week. Unfortunately, it usually comes out about lunch on Tuesday, not the morning… he writes too much.

That’s it for now. Just thought I’d share why they are listed on the right. Check them out. If your reading this somewhere besides, come visit my blog.

If you have some other really good sports writers to check out, let me know.

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