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McDonald’s vs Hedgehogs. Apparently, McDondald’s didn’t like hedgehogs. Specifically, the lids from the McFlurry were killing them. Seemed the hedgehogs, like pretty much everyone else, like the McFlurry and they would get the heads stock in the lid and then couldn’t get them out. Their tasty treat would be their last meal. After several years of research, McDonald’s managed to come up with a lid design that wouldn’t kill the hedgehogs. What took them five years to redesign a lid. It is just a piece of plastic.

A Star Trek Thesis. Seems you can write a thesis about just about anything. Seems Dr. Baker wanted to analyze the elements of the stories from Star Trek and how they relate to ancient mythology. Now I don’t know that much ancient mythology, just the basics, but even I could see how some of the stories related. I didn’t get a PhD. You can elements from mythology in all kinds of modern stories. Back in high school, I even wrote a paper comparing the role of fate and free while in Oedipus and Terminator 1 & 2. My teacher at the time, a much older lady at that time, hadn’t seen either Terminator movie and actually went out to rent them. I really wish I would have gotten her reaction about the movies. I got an A on the paper.

A Wish Come True. Ever dream about blowing something up? Has your dream ever come true. Well, for one lucky commuter who dreamed of blowing a bridge that was the source of many traffic jams, this wish came true.

A Bad Time to Die. Seems right now in Tirana it is a bad time to die. They might not have a place to put you. As of Aug 29, they only had room for one more week’s worth of dead people. What happens after that? They just going to stack people up in the streets.

Training Camp Survivors. Now that NFL training camps are over, there are 1696 survivors that are traumatized and unable to talk about their experiences for the past 5 or so weeks. The reports are varied, and often confused, but the consensus is the players went through prolonged physical and mental tests that “could possible kill lesser men.” Some of them were even drafted into these camps from serene college campuses. At times, some of the players would be called into the coaches office and never seen again. Sounds like the makings of another Steven Spielberg movie.

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