Back to Skiing in 50 Degree Weather

This morning woke up bright and early for some morning skiing. Rolled out of bed at 545 to be at the lake at 645. As I parked my truck at the lake, the temp was still in the 50s. The lake was covered with fog as I walked down to the dock to meet up with Tash. He had the boat ready to go with his two kids bundled up in sleeping bags to keep warm and spot for us.

Once we found some calm water, the skiing was good. Seeing as how I have broken both of my barefoot handles in as many weeks (in addition I broke a team handle) I was using Tash’s barefoot rope and handle. I’ve grown accustomed to my non-stretch rope, when the boat takes off, so do I. Well, Tash’s rope isn’t non-stretch. On my starts I could feel the rope stretch and then once I’d get up on top of the water, I could feel it bungee me forward. It also made the little chop we were going through just a bit more interesting. As I hit the waves, it would stretch just a bit and then it would bungee a bit. Really keeps you on your toes (or literally, on your heals) just a bit more. Wasn’t bad, just vastly different from what I’ve been use to.

Today actually ended up being a two-a-day. In addition to skiing this morning, I did some skiing tonight in our show. Nothing major, a conventional run and a 3-high. However, it was nearly whitecaps. My pyramid was pretty, as we went over the rollers from our boat pattern, I got bent forward just a bit. With the pyramid already up now, I just couldn’t stand up straight so I carried it through bent over. We made it. I’ll post a picture if I get one.

Back to the broken barefoot handles I mentioned… I was out the 18th, tried a tumble turn, caught my should and broke my handle. Then two days later, on the 20th, I did a flyer in the show and that handle broke. Meanwhile, I put my old handle (purchased in 1991) on my current rope and used that for a while. Then on this past Tuesday, the 29th, I went to do a flyer with my rope and old handle. I jumped in, the boat took off, I didn’t really move. My handle in hand, the boat taking off with the rest of the rope. Three handles in 9 days. Both my handles are currently being repaired, one by the manufacturer, one by our team rope man.

Well, that’s it for now… I’m dead tired. Not use to waking up before 7, let alone before 6. Can’t complain though, it was worth it.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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