This, That & Some Other Stuff

Some random stuff from the past couple of weeks…

We Believe…
American’s as whole believe a lot of unbelievable things. Once again a great ESPN columnist has put together a great list. Go check out the article by Jim Caple over at

AVP… And no, I’m not talking about Aliens vs. Predator. I’m talking about AVP Pro Beach Volleyball. And it is possible to learn about life by just learning about AVP. At least California life. Plus, it is one of the best uses ever for swim wear. And even people who drop hundreds on sun glasses and sandals still go bonkers for free stuff. Go read the article by Mary Buckheit over at

One thing that could relate to Mad-City, is apparently when large events are in progress, you must walk your bike while near the event, even when you are on the bike path. The one redeeming quality about Mad-City’s ski site is the bike path. A lot of scenery goes by. Bad part is, some bikers insist on going 30+ MPH while there are large crowds and there have been way too many close calls.

Breast Awareness Campaign…
Over at the Onion, they have another great story… Apparently enough people just aren’t aware of Miss Simpson’s and she wants more attention. Go get the full story here.

National Recap coming soon…

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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