I’m Not Going Spelunking Anytime Soon

Watched Descent (a movie) earlier tonight. Didn’t know anything going in other than the one sentence blurb on the theatre’s website. Basically, I watched it in order to kill time until Talladega Nights started. But back to this movie…

Basically, it stars no one you’ve likely ever heard of. And after watching, I know for a fact that I have no plans to do any spelunking of any unexplored caves ever. I leave that to others. Caves that have been well explored and host lots of tourists, I’ll still go through, but nothing unexplored. There is just way too many things to go wrong. I’ll get my adrenaline rushes elsewhere. This is much like after watching Open Water, I have no plans to go diving in Open Water in a large group. I don’t trust people’s abilities to count everyone that gets back on the boat and, although I’m a pretty good swimmer, I have no desire to swim out in the middle of the ocean.

Back to the movie again… For a horror type movie, it was actually pretty good. Nothing that makes you go wow, but there were definitely some spots that sent a chill through my body, and the first one lingered for a while.

About all I’ll say about the plot is 6 women drop into an unexplored cave and things go bad from there. A highlight… one women literally gets a blood bath.

Like I said, if you want to see a decent horror movie, this is probably worth going to. You could also probably wait till Halloween and rent it then as well.

On a side note, it looks like they are making a sequel to Open Water.

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