More Random Thoughts

Yes, I know I promised a recap of this past weekend, and it will be done soon. I just want to do the weekend justice. Here are some random thoughts and observations to hold you until I get the update done…

Bartending Big Brother – So I saw an article a while back that is sure to make every bartender just ecstatic. Turns out someone invented a little chip that measures that tilt and duration of pours from bottles to track how much alcohol has been dispensed. Together in conjunction with the point of sale system, it knows if the bartenders are making the drinks correctly and ringing them all in.

The Most UN-PC Movies Ever – Found another interesting article about the most politically incorrect movies of all time. I agreed with most of the list. Blazing Saddles and Team America are on there along with There’s Something About Mary. I thought it made for a funny read. Go check it out.

56 Inches of Delight – Here’s a TV that I’d like to have… I’d like to find my HDTV by the football season, just don’t think it’s going to happen that quick. Maybe by Christmas. This is a TV that I’ll be looking at. Looks sweet!

Window Replacement – The building I’m in at work is undergoing some renovations to make it a little nicer to work in. The other day we got an email about what would be going on and here is a quote from it:

The windows to be replaced are identified by the orange paper taped to the inside of them. Please don’t be alarmed if someone removes a window while you are sitting next to it or in a conference room. It’s legit as long as they put in a new one.

I couldn’t help but laugh. It’s only legit as long as they put in a new one.

Funny Money in Monopoly – Now I’m not talking about Microsoft’s control of the PC universe, I’m talking about the board game. Seems that keeping track of money using paper money just isn’t fun anymore. So they updated the game to use electronic debit like cards. All your money is kept in a little plastic card using an electronic reader. Now, this is pretty neat, but isn’t part of playing board games about learning things. Monopoly was always good for learning to track your money and budget it, making change, etc. and they completely took it out of the game. What about scamming the bank and hiding money or stealing from the bank… They too have been taken out of the game.

Switching Teams – Turns out Ms. Patrick, that chick that drives cars really, really fast decided to stay in the Indy Racing League, like I thought she wood. She is switching teams (pun intended) and I wish her the best of luck. I just didn’t pick her new team correctly.

Finally, congrats to the bicyclist named Landis. Seems after having a really bad day and falling 8+ minutes off the lead and everyone writing him off, he decided to come back, kick but and take names. He truly had one of the most remarkable comebacks ever. Not going to link to a specific story because there are thousands about this on the net. Go find one yourself.

Sorry in advance for the lack of pictures, you’ll get plenty in my upcoming state tourny recap!!!

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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