How to Face Plant Hard

Face planting in barefooting is inevitable. It is just going to happen. Here is what I did this morning to pretty much cause myself to face plant…

So I get up footing, I’m in the curl and just nail a one foot. Held it half way across the bay, kept my weight balanced over my foot so it just a nice smooth one foot. No obnoxious spray, it was truly a money one foot.

After putting my foot back down, so I’m now back on two feet, I kinda do a “Yea” and bob my head as I do it. Well, my head bob was, well lets just say it was a little too enthusiastic. The momentum of my head bob put my face into the water hard… Completely unprepared for this face plant. Rough water, you kinda anticipate it. Hit some rollers, you know it is probably going to happen. Bob your head as you go Yea to yourself, just don’t expect it.

I did grab the rope and foot 9 more times today, so it didn’t stop me, just slowed me down briefly…

After popping some Tylenol, my headache subsided about 6 hours later.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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