Footin’ Sets

So Monday I was out skiing (I know, big surprise). For my sets, we ducked into the bay because I wanted to do some footin (another surprise) and didn’t want to deal with Wally World out on the main lake.

Now I’ve written about the bay before and as you may now know, it is full of weeds. Now, mid summer, it kinda looks like a large field. Luckily, their is a nice path across the diagonal of the bay that is ski-able. The weeds do have two good qualities. One, they keep everyone else out of the bay. No one else wants to ski in there. Two, no waves. Damn near glass calm.

The weeds are so nasty now that in order to really good a good footin’ run in, we need a quick way to stop at the end of the run. Enter the power turn. Boat is going 40+ MPH and basically washes out to come to a stop. They are fun to drive and fun to ride in the boat while they are occurring. I’ve decided it is also fun to foot while they are doing it.

First off, you get an ever so slightly longer run. An extra 75 to 100 yards. Don’t need to leave space for the boat to decelerate.

Next, as the boat spins out, I just dropped to my butt and slid. This, too, is fun.

Third, I never even had to let go of the rope. I’m sliding, handle in hand.

Lastly, the boat is now turned to go back the way we just came, I have the handle ready, rope comes tight, we take off. Elapsed time from my slide ending to being ready to go, 30 to 40 seconds I’m guessing (I’ll need to actually time this).

Do this six times quickly and you become very tired. 6 deeps, 6 runs, 6 slides. Lots of fun and makes for a quick set. Then did it again about an hour later. Only 4 the second time (also did a slalom set in between the foot sets).

While doing this, I even nailed some one foots on my “goofy” foot. Next goal, do a one foot on both feet in the same run. Easy one would say, but to do this the way I want to, I’ll need to cross the wake and my boat has, what I affectionately call, the bubbles of death. They’re nasty.

Another goal to start working on, tumbles. I’ll need to throw on the boom to work on those.

I’ll try to get some pics of the power turn and slides. The photographer will really need to hold onto the camera though.

Some final observations… Footing with a weed stuck between your toes feels a little funny… Doing a deep, feeling a pile of weeds form under your feet and then having that pile go splat into your face as your still doing the deep equals not fun. Still made it though… Doing one foots and feeling your pinky toe catch in the water and not falling because you caught a toe makes for interesting one foots.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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