Upside Down Titanic

That is what I’ll call the movie Poseidon, because that is basically what it is. The following review contains spoilers… you’ve been warned.

I caught this movie earlier this week on the local IMAX. And the IMAX made it look good. Going in to the movie you really need to suspend your belief on reality.

First off, you have to believe in the way they portray rouge waves. Bases on my ever so brief research into this subject just a moment ago, it seems that the typical “rouge wave” can be roughly 3 times the height of the waves around it. So if there are about 10 meter waves, you might see one that is up to 30 meters (11 stories) high. So being as how the ship was sailing through pretty much glass calm (for an ocean) water, having a massive wave like the one in the movie come out of nowhere, not quite believable.

If this wave was caused by a seismic event, based on what I’ve learned about tsunamis lately, they really don’t take form until they hit the shallower water by land, and in the movie, they are in the middle of the ocean, no land in sight.

If you believe the wave that big can “magically” appear, then that wave is also going to “magically” appear on their radar and give them significantly more time to react than what they get in the movie. Going in I didn’t think they even tried to do anything to react to seeing this massive wave, but they did, just too little, too late.

The movie as a whole, was an excellent popcorn flick, entertaining pretty much the whole time. Enough story to keep you interested in who makes it off the boat, just a bit of a love story, and unlike the Titanic that took 90 minutes to hit the ice berg, this movie flips the boat over just a few minutes in, and 90 minutes later, its done. And it even has pretty decent special effects.

The movie does suffer from what I like to call the Air Force One problem. Right at the end of the movie, there is just some really cheesy looking special effects. In Air Force One, it was the plain crash, in this movie, it is the life raft. I think they ran out of money and still had a few shots left to do, so they hired a kid of the street to finish up the effects. Really bad.

Other than that, it was an entertaining summer movie. I’m guessing seeing it on the IMAX helped, but it was fun. Not mind blowing entertainment that one will talk about the next day, but makes for a fun ride.

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