Scarlet Letter on Drugs?

If you don’t want a movie spoiler, stop reading now… If you read past this, you might ruin the plot, or you might not. Kinda hard to tell if there is a plot to ruin.

Yea, I went a watched a movie tonight… Caught Silent Hill. Having seen it, I’d have a really hard time telling you what I saw. Needless to say, it is a little strange. I think the writers/directors/whatever must have taken a lot drugs, then read the classic Scarlet Letter, then did some more drugs, and then decided to re-write the Scarlet Letter, but the way they remembered it in the drug induced stupor.

It was actually a horror movie that did send a couple chills through me, but more than anything, it just kinda grossed me out. Never really quite sure what is happening or why throughout most of it. Apparently there were a bunch clues we were suppose to pick up that would explain everything, but I missed them completely. Luckily, they spend about 5 minutes towards the end explaining who, what, when, where and why, but it still doesn’t quite all fit together. Luckily, they set it up for a sequel, and based on the results this past weekend, we can expect that in a year. Maybe then this movie based on a video game will make some sense.

Until then, if you lick horror movies based on video games, it would be worth a Netflix, but I’d have a real hard telling you to go spend some of you hard earned cash on this one, even if you do like horror movies.

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