Full Circle

When I was much younger, when there wasn’t a hockey game that my brother or I were playing in, our Friday and Saturday nights consisted of cooking up a tombstone pizza and watching either a) a Badger hockey game or b) The Dukes of Hazard.

Back then, the hockey team was really good. They had Chris Chelios playing D and a very young Jeff Saurer coaching. They even rated regular coverage on Channel 3 (CBS). We watched both (hockey and Dukes) religiously.

Now tonight, many, many years later, I’m at the UW Band Concert. Part of the Badger celebration, because that what’s the UW Band Concert is, a celebration of the Badger year that was, revolved around the Badger Men’s and Women’s hockey teams winning their national championships. Both teams and both trophies were there. Crowd on their feet as the band played loudly (that is the only way they play).

And then, one of the many special guests, Tom Wopat, one of the original Duke boys is getting ready to sing The Day the Music Died and somebody yells out “Play the Duke’s theme”. Tom goes “I’ll get to it.”

He finishes up the one song and then goes into the Duke’s of Hazard Theme. And that got me to thinking of the “Good old days”. Friday nights, pizza, hockey and the Dukes.

Funniest part was, I almost had a Tombstone for supper. And amazingly, Chelios is still playing D. Dude is getting old and still plays like a stud.

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