Olympic Wrap Up

I was reading Tristan’s blog and I guess I feel the need to kinda of second his opinion. People are saying that the US team was a disappointment. I couldn’t disagree more. Yea, there were some less then stellar moments (speed skaters arguing about team, show boating, Bode) but there were some really good moments too. Sasha Cohen’s short program was great and she had a strong finish to her long program that earned her a silver, Apollo just embodies the Olympic ideal, some excellent speed skating performances, and a skier that came back from a horrendous crash to compete well. And how ’bout the half pipe snow boarders. Having fun and taking home the medals.

I just can’t get over how when our athletes are competing against the rest of the world’s best athletes and the fact that they don’t always get a medal is a disappointment. Some of these sports aren’t everyday sports here in the states and we’re losing to these other countries where these sports are THIER sports. Holland is speed skating, Germany is luge and bobsled.

Also, people are disappointed in the ratings. Do you know how hard it is to stay in the dark all day and not find out results? It isn’t easy. Open the browser and BOOM, there is a result you didn’t want to see yet. And very few people like to watch a sporting event knowing the result, especially if it isn’t the result they want.

All in all, I thought we did very well. I would have liked to see the men’s hockey team do better, but there are a lot of good hockey players in the world and not all of ’em are from North America.

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